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mountain biking

Ride along the hilly areas in your bikes. Well it even more fun when tried out. Always an amazing experience and one of the favorites of the youth, Mountain Biking. It is regarded as the most adventurous sport that has ever existed. And that is why is loved and enjoyed by all more than once in their life. If you haven’t tried it out yet, here’s a chance to change that. You get to experience this extreme sport at Kabeela along with multiple other things, so come aboard with us.


Rejuvenating your minds amidst the exotic wildlife is just everyone’s dream. But not everyone gets to do so because of the hectic schedule and the daily routine. At Kabeela we offer you an exceptional stay at our resorts wherein you get to connect with nature and wildlife. Who wouldn’t want to come along on a short trip away from city life for a couple of days? Rare species of birds and animals can be observed here and you can get to know about the vividness in nature.

riverside camping

Some quality time away from city in the jungle area in your camps. Sounds breath-taking and it infact is. Riverside Camping is one of those special experiences that you get to feel at Kabeela with your loved ones. Camping is done alongside the river under the night sky. An environment wherein you forget all the stress and just focus on the present moment to fully enjoy it. That is what it means to go on a vacation and that is exactly what we provide to you at our resort.

gypsy breakfast

A nutritious and healthy breakfast to energize your minds and reinvigorate your bodies, we provide the Gypsy Breakfast to all of you. Add it to your most memorable list of things because you are definitely going to remember it throughout your life. In short, it is a never before experience for every one of you. The fun just begins with the breakfast, read on to know about the rest of the things you get to do throughout the day. All of this and so much more only at Kabeela.

organic food

Organic Food works wonders for every-one. As much healthy as it is, it is even more refreshing for the body. This food will always keep your enthusiasm level high because it is connected to nature and is produced naturally. Organic Food causes no harm to the environment as well as it doesn’t need fertilizers to be produced. That is why, it is being adapted globally. At our resort, you get served with these freshly prepared organic fruits and vegetables together. So try these out and collect another splendid memory.

rustic feast

An evening get together followed by a lavish dinner and all of this will be outdoors, amidst the greenery. This is what we bring to you through the rustic feast that can enjoyed with family/friends luxuriously. Here, you get to spend the real quality time with your loved ones. Together you can enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine as well as connect with each other too. You cannot just afford to miss these golden moments of your life because it is all a one-time experience for you. Vacations are something people do not keep planning again and again, thus it should be just perfect.