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The best way to unravel the hidden mysteries in nature and the surroundings is through cycling. Cycling is the most loved sport that people enjoy to do. This activity also energizes the mind and soul of an individual. And even better, cycling amidst the dense forests and exotic wildlife. At Kabeela you get to experience this refreshing activity along with your loved ones. Cycling also helps in maintaining a healthy body and mind because of the rigorous exercise of the body. Travel onto the pathways that you have never went on before with this sport.


A brilliant activity that everyone must do to maintain a perfect balance in their lives is Yoga. Yoga originated in India in the ancient periods and since then millions of people have been practicing it. But, this is one such activity that is just enough for all the problems. It cleanses your mind and purifies your soul and you are no longer the same person you were back when you started it. This activity increases your confidence, determination and minimizes all the stress in your minds. Undoubtedly, Yoga is the best!


The extremely popular activity that multiple people find interesting is none other than Trekking. Usually, this activity is done in groups and is super fun. Similar to Hiking, in Trekking people have to climb up on mountains/hilly areas whilst enjoying the natural beauty of the environment around. This activity requires high determination levels as you cannot back off before completing the sport. This activity has become the favorite of many as people adore this sport. Explore the nature at its best, from the highest points/hill tops and you would never want to come back.

river crossing

The fun and sporty, river crossing is one of the many water related activities you get to experience here. River Crossing is all about passing the river, from one corner to another without falling/slipping. It is an entertaining sport that many people love to do and include in their to-do lists. This activity can be done in two ways, either alone or with your loved ones, together. Thus, making it even more amazing to try. One must try out this sport at least once in their lifetime. Experts will always be available to guide you.

play area

An inbuilt Play Area wherein all the guests can chill out and relax with their family/friends. This area has specially been designed for kids as well as adults.No extra charge or hidden fares will be charged for these and this area is purely devoted for the guests’ amusement. The Play Area is an excellent option for those who prefer to stay indoors rather than indulging in the outdoor sports. Being inside and getting to enjoy so many activities, can rarely be seen in any other resort but at Kabeela you get to enjoy all of these and much more.


The best to discover your surroundings when amidst wildlife is through a Safari. This frequently tried out activity is very popular amongst the people. People enjoy this activity as it involves exploring and observing the littlest things present in the surroundings. People can observe the rarest species of flora and fauna through this safari. And safety of the people is also ensured so that nothing fatal can happen to them on their encounter with the wild. Safari ensures to provide you a fun-filled sojourn with your close ones and some memorable moments as well.