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Welcome To CHIS Kabeela

Unwind and Rejuvenate amidst the wildlife at the Kabeela Resort. The resort is stationed inside the Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand that in itself is a marvelous place. Imagine staying in complete luxury whilst exploring the beautiful flora and fauna around you. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Experiences are even better. Connect with nature at the Kabeela Resort. Apart from this, we’ve got loads of indoor/outdoor activities to keep you entertained. You don’t have even have to worry about internet facilities because all the cottages at Resort can access free Wi-Fi feature as well.

Kabeela is a theme-based resort wherein you can accommodate in the cottages with your family/friends whereas the Resort also provides multiple themes for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Discover the amazing species of animals, birds and plants, stroll into the dense forests only at Kabeela. Here, we offer you a lavish lifestyle to stay in whilst being in a jungle. At Kabeela, we look forward to fulfill all the requirements of our customers so that they have a wonderful time. We welcome you to come aboard with us and have a never before experience. Our generous and ready-to-help staff is ever-ready to guide you all on this amazing journey.


For loads of fun and amusement, Safari is the best option for you. Safari enables you to observe every corner of the Jim Corbett National Park. The ride is done in groups so it is super fun. Travelling and exploring is as good as it sounds to be. Safari is common here because millions of people love to explore on wheels. Even if you’re tired from all the fun & frolic, Safari will refresh you up. Observing and exploring around are the two things, every traveler loves and thus, Safari is an excellent answer for all those travel enthusiastic.


Wildlife, as the name suggests are all those living creatures that aren’t domestic. And these creatures can mostly be seen in dense forests and jungles. Since the huge forests lands have been cleared up for buildings, animals have nowhere to go. Therefore National Parks came into existence wherein virtual environment is provided and these animals can live in peace. Even the rarest species of flora and fauna can be found in here. Bird watching is also a common activity to pursue in the Resort because of the presence of multiple species of birds.


The diversified universe consisting of all the extraordinary creations is termed as nature. Nature is given the least importance in the modern world which is wrong because no one should ever forget their roots. Nature is the essence of humanity, and life. Connecting with nature, living a sober life amidst nature is all one needs to do today. Kabeela offers an exceptional stay amidst the core of nature with your loved ones. Feel the freshness and purity around you and you’ll never want to leave.