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What if your holiday destination fetches you a myriad of adventure activities that can actually give you an adrenaline rush? For an adventure junkie, this is something he would cherish for his entire lifetime. If you are one of those daredevils, we recommend you visit Jim Corbett National Park. From river rafting to safaris, you get to do quite several prominent activities.

The first national park in Asia, Jim Corbett is saturated with rich flora and fauna. The national park houses more than 25 species of reptiles, 50 species of mammals and 580 bird species. Besides watching these amazing creatures roam around the park, you can partake in amazing activities that could involve sliding from a bridge with the help of a rope, i.e. bridge slithering activities, or maybe you would want to do mountain biking or trekking. Let’s check out what Jim Corbett holiday packages has in store for you.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing: One of the most exciting activities, rock climbing in Jim Corbett will need to reach the peak of the rock formation without falling down. This activity requires a lot of patience and physical strength. Persons who are into sports and rigorous deeds will be able to accomplish the task quite easily. Rock climbing in Jim Corbett not only gives you the perfect adrenaline rush but also some of the majestic sights to relish. Enjoy the scenic Himalayas landscape as you reach the top.The best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park and get indulged in this adventure sport is autumn and summer.

River Crossing

River Crossing: Imagine holding onto a rope tied from one end of the river to the other and crossing the water reservoir. Think scary? The national park is home to rivers likes Kosi and Ramganga where such river crossing activities happen in plenty.The activity would cover the whole distance of the river, from one end to another over the river flow. However, there’s nothing to fear as the adventure will be accomplished under the complete supervision of highly-trained professionals and experts. At any point of time if you feel uneasy, let the staff know immediately.


Rappelling: The ultimate trick to descent from a clip in a safer, easier and quicker way is to rappel. Corbett offers ample actions of rappelling where adventure freaks alight from a clip with the assistance of a robust rope. The climbing rope is well-attached or anchored to the top cliff with bolts, pitons, cams or trees. Remember, the terrains are quite steep, and you need to be very smart and strong.Either you rappel or hike or walk down with balance, this activity tests your physical strength. The climber, while descending from cliffs, has to make a controlled slide down.

Mountain Cycling

Mountain Cycling: Have you tried something like this – going beyond the plain road to the off-road in rough and pebbly topographies? This is the speciality of mountain cycling. To do this, you must have the ideal bicycle designed to serve the purpose. Mountain cycling is a painstaking action and in Jim Corbett, it will take you through the challenging routes in the thick wilds and in the woodlands along the forestry streams.The main purpose of such cycling trips is to explore the park in a better way, amid nature.Here, your routes meander through rural and countryside areas, camp along streams, old temples and woodland.

Bridge Slithering

Bridge Slithering: Another thrilling activity in Corbett is bridge slithering. The beguiling adventure will make you slide from the top of a bridge into the river. You will be well harnessed to make sure you are safe. Bridge slithering is done in the Kosi River with the support of a rope. The experts will give you a brief training to ensure that you are fit for the enthralling adventure. The activity will kick off from the Jhula Bridge right into the river. Adequate protection is given by the supporting staff. As you dive, there will be the staff below the bridge to help you.

To assure you of a great, exciting holiday with family and friends, CHIS has come up with some amazing Jim Corbett holiday deals.Kabeela Resort by CHISoffers well-equipped luxury rooms, deluxe rooms and standard rooms to meet all types of needs of the most discerning travellers. Located in the vicinity of the action points, this Jim Corbett hotel is fancy and eco-friendly.

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